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Brovej 20, 8800 Viborg


located in
central Jutland approx. 45 km from the
city of Randers and approx. 65 km from the city of Aarhus. Viborg has a large
selection of both private and public workspaces. The city is attractive to both
young people, families and elderly, as Viborg houses large sports and cultural
events as well as day care
schools and other higher education facilities.

is a general focus on improving infrastructure internally as well as to and
from Viborg Municipality. Today there is several main roads to large cities in
Jutland, such as Route 26 to Aarhus, Route 16 to Randers and Route 52 to

Property is easily accessible in terms of both public and private
transportation. The closest bus stop is located just 200
from the Property, and Viborg Station (train and bus) is just 550
away. Furthermore, the Property is located next to ‘Indre Ringvej’ and ‘Søndre
Ringvej’ making the Property easily accessible by car.


20-22 was built in 1970 and initially housed production facilities for car
tires. Originally, the Property consisted of only the eastern wing, but the
Vendor initiated the construction of a western wing in 2009 together with a
total transformation of the existing building.

the two wings are connected by a staircase, and the unified impression is one
of a modern and flexible office property, with multiple balconies and great
inflow of light.

Property consists of 4,584 sq m office area, divided on three floors. There are
705 sq m parterre in addition to the office area.
parterre level is, besides a minor technique area, distributed between the
tenants BOC Invest and The Danish Building and Property Agency, and holds the
same fine quality as the rest of the office areas.

is a large parking lot on the Property, which has room for 93 cars
, where the wearing course has been
refreshed in 2021.

There is a rooftop terrace
accessible from the staircase, which has up to 50 seats. The usage of the
rooftop terrace is limited to
The Danish Tax Agency and the
Department of Prisons and Probation,
per their contract.

The total land area amounts to 6,119
sq m,
equalling a plot ratio of 75%.